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Sometimes, just sometimes, music echoes our emotions perfectly well. Under the spell of some sublime song, we’re transported to times long ago and places long forgotten. This is a rare experience – but this is exactly what happens when listening to SILMUS.

In 2010, SILMUS – a composer/musician from the North of the Netherlands – started experimenting with music in a small setting: just him, his guitar, some effects, and a loft to record in. He was searching for new ways to make sense, music-wise; he looked for new modes of expressing emotions. Parenthood made him experience the wonders of life intensely: the bliss, thankfulness and astonishment – sensations hitherto unknown, waiting to be explored, waiting to take on form.

When Minco Eggersman – musician, producer and co-owner of the intimate VOLKOREN-label – was asked by SILMUS to listen to his songs, he offered to help him take his music to the next level. SILMUS began re-recording his songs alone, at home, e-mailed them to Minco who filled in the gaps and did some A&R and further arrangements. By e-mailing their ideas back and forth, the final versions of these songs started taking shape. Finally, Minco combined their ideas and mixed them together with Jan Borger, whom Minco recorded his albums HAMDEN and RESERVOIRS with, into what now have become the record – indeed, a unique approach. The two musicians still haven’t met each other in real life, even after writing and recording their music via e-mail for almost two years..

Nevertheless, these songs sound ever so organic and pure. They have found
their way onto SILMUS’ special debut album OSTARA. Listen to the heartbeat of SILMUS’ baby boy in the title track: its steady rhythm lingers and lures the listener into a world in which the wonders of life have taken shape sublimely. Sometimes echoing works of Brian Eno, Harold Budd, ME’s HAMDEN and Sigur Rós, SILMUS’ estranging atmospheres and quiet, subtle movements will trigger memories of those days long by, when we were happy without even noticing.

SILMUS’ instrumental songs are sheer melancholy, nostalgia and awe, like water and air in all its forms: mist, sea, cloud, sky, drizzle, waterfall… (see the artwork for the beautiful Icelandic-photography by Jan Borger). These are songs which need to be experienced by all of the senses; then they become the perfect soundtracks for those most cherished memories.

Sometimes, just sometimes, it all works out.

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